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Dropshipping Product Research Tools: The 14 Best on the Market Today

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Starting an ecommerce business has been a huge trend in recent years and dropshipping is the perfect opportunity for those who want to get started. But, as you’ll learn, there’s more to it than just buying and selling products – you have to conduct plenty of research before adding products to your online store. This can be extremely time-consuming if you’re doing this manually, eating up hours of your time when you just want to find winning products for your dropshipping store.

In fact, without proper research (and dropshipping product research tools), you can end up having a hard time making sales since the products you select can have a huge (even deciding) impact on how successful your store can be. The good news is that dropshipping product research doesn’t have to be complicated. With the right product research tools, you can quickly find the best products in your niche and never run out of new product ideas to try out.

But how to do product research for dropshipping? And what are the best product research tools for dropshipping? 

Below, we have compiled the 14 best dropshipping product research tools for your convenience. They’ll help make researching new products faster so that you’re not wasting precious time searching when you could be growing your business.

How to Do Product Research

Doing product research can be a complicated process, so you need to understand the underlying principles behind a successful strategy. But the good news is that there are a few key strategies and steps for dropshipping product research that can help you get on the right track.

Usually, the best place to start your research on a dropship product finder is to look at what’s already popular and curated. Many of the tools have curated lists that have been handpicked by experts who understand the shifts in demand and can help you get ahead of the curve. 

By merely offering a product that’s hot and in demand right now, you can take advantage of a surge in sales and keep customers coming back for more to your store.

But to get the most of the sales opportunities you find, it’s also crucial to use dropshipping product research tools to gauge the supplier the products are coming from, your ability to sustain the volume of sales, and the supplier’s ability to provide you with enough product.

You also need to evaluate whether a product will be profitable. Finding the right supplier can be just as important as the product itself, so you need to make sure that you’re getting products at competitive prices and can offer a good deal to your buyers.

When figuring out how to find drop shipping products, having access to tools like the ones listed below can help because you can use multiple data sources to verify that a product will be good. For instance, some tools allow you to look at products from specific stores like Shopify or AliExpress and give you access to social platform ad data, allowing you to find which products are being marketed successfully and giving you plenty of new ideas to incorporate into your own store.

As you’ve probably noticed at this point, the key principle of finding the latest dropshipping products for your dropshipping store is following the demand and leveraging it to drive sales. After all, when there’s high demand, finding the audiences who are ready to buy is much easier, which means you can grow your store faster and ensure that you aren’t plateauing. 

You will also have a much easier time running aggressive advertising campaigns since in-demand products will allow you to spend more on each click, helping you stay visible and ahead of the competition. 

But the second part of the equation is sourcing the products from the right supplier once you know what you want to sell. And that’s another way that dropshipping product research tools can be immensely helpful, providing you information about specific dropshipping suppliers and helping you pick out the best option.

Instead of having to spend endless hours not just identifying profitable products but also sourcing where to get them, you can use a winning product finder to simplify the process, leveraging curated lists and in-depth search capabilities to find profitable products at a fraction of the time.

How Can Dropshipping Product Research Tools Help Your Business?

Now that we’ve established some of the key aspects you should focus on when researching products for your store, let’s explore how you can use the leading dropshipping product research tools to help your business grow and become a leader in providing the best and most relevant products for your audience. 

As we’ve discussed in the previous section, product research can take a lot of time, but it’s nonetheless an essential part of standing out in your market and creating an edge over the competition. Therefore, using drop shipping tools to streamline the process and generate ideas can be a lifesaver. Less time spent on research means you can get more products out faster, focus on running the store, and get more sales in the process.

But you might not be entirely sure of the specific ways these types of dropshipping product research tools could help enhance your process and make it better. So let’s go over some of the most promising features that the list of options we’ll share below can offer.

For starters, one of the most straightforward features you can expect is being able to search for products based on a variety of criteria. For example, if you’re looking for a specific type of product, many of the tools listed below will provide you with countless options, which you can sort by the metrics that are important to you.

You can quickly discover products on other sales platforms like AliExpress, go through curated lists of products that are on the rise or seen as promising by creatives, and stay on top of new products in your niche that might be promising based on the types of searches you type in.

Many of the tools also provide you with the option of comparing prices on different supplier websites. This can be invaluable when you want to quickly gauge how much an item might cost and how much you might be able to earn on a sale, saving you a lot of time in the process of making an informed decision about whether the product is worth pursuing.

But while these features are certainly convenient and can save a lot of time, they might not even be the main reason why research tools can be so helpful.

The real power of these tools is showing you the data behind the current trends that are shaping your niche. This data includes engagement, sales peaks, social media ad numbers, targeting, and much more, giving you an in-depth look at which products are on the rise right now. 

As you get more familiar with the research tools you’re using, you will get better at noticing the most promising winners before most of your competition, gaining early access to suppliers, and driving aggressive ad campaigns that put you ahead of the curve in your market.

Finally, with many of the tools on the list, you can quickly and easily import them into your store, minimizing the time it takes from finding a winner to generating actual sales you can build upon when growing your business.

Since trends in most markets can change quickly, having a way to quickly implement the products you choose and get them in front of your audience can be just as important as picking the right products in the first place. With so many powerful features, it’s clear that dropshipping product research tools should be an integral part of sourcing the right products. But to make the most of what these types of tools can offer, you must also pick the right one to focus on. And that’s what we’ll explore next.

The 14 best dropshipping product research tools

Aliexpress Dropshipping Center

aliexpress dropship center product research tools

One of the most popular dropshipping research tools is the AliExpress Dropshipping Center which is built directly into AliExpress. As one of the most popular sources for products to dropship, this tool is a must-have for dropshippers looking to find their next product via AliExpress.

How much does AliExpress Dropshipping Center cost?

It’s FREE! That’s right, you don’t have to pay anything to use AliExpress Dropshipping Center and it provides some pretty good basic research options.

Ecom Hunt

ecomhunt dropshipping research tools

If you’re just getting started with dropshipping, EcomHunt is a great dropshipping research tool to get started with. When you use EcomHunt, you have access to the winning products that are manually added on a daily basis. One of the reasons we like EcomHunt is that they seem to be one of the best when it comes to how fast they can find winning products. If you’re looking to be ahead of all your competitors EcomHunt is definitely one of the go toes.

How much does EcomHunt cost?

There is a free version of EcomHunt which includes limited features which can be good to try out. However, if you like this tool you should upgrade to their Pro subscription which is $29/month. and Thieve Supply dropshipping research tools and Thieve Supply are two slightly different dropshipping product research tools. With you get access to the best of AliExpress as curated by creatives. With Thieve Supply, you can discover over 4,000 more winning products compiled using real user metrics along with the best suppliers for those products.

How much do and Thieve Supply cost? is free and Thieve Supply has two plans with price points at $15/month and $49/month.

Dropship Spy

image 6

When you use Dropship Spy, you’ll be able to see over 5,000 trending products that are sourced from social media, AliExpress, Ebay, and Amazon with more being added each day. With additional features like winning social proof ads, engagement scores, and sales trends, you can easily evaluate products you’re thinking of adding to your dropshipping store.

How much does Dropship Spy cost?

There is a free version of Dropship Spy that has limited features. To upgrade to their full access pro plan is $49/month, however, you can also pay $200/year to save some money.

Niche Scraper

niche scraper dropshipping research tools

Sometimes the biggest advantage when using a dropshipping product finder is having the option to view them on multiple platforms, and the robust features and user-friendly interface make Niche Scraper the perfect tool to get started with dropshipping product research.

How much does Niche Scraper cost?

Niche Scraper does offer a free trial account where you can access a limited number of free searches. After that, the current price is $49.95/month.

Find Niche

find niche dropshipping research tools

With FindNiche, you can analyze a wide range of products and identify the potential winners based on metrics such as the number of orders, degree of competition, and more.

How much does FindNiche cost?

There are three plans that you can choose from with various features. $9/month for Basic, $59/month for Elite, and $99/month for Pro. However, you can try the pro plan for 7 days for just $1.

Commerce Inspector

commerce inspector dropshipping research tools

Since keeping tabs on what the competition is doing is an integral part of running a successful dropshipping business, research tools like Commerce Inspector can be an invaluable resource, allowing you to learn which products to choose and which online sellers see success, and why.

How much does Commerce Inspector cost?

The Chrome extension is free, but only provides limited data. For a paid plan, there is tiered pricing starting at $49/month.

Sell The Trend

sell the trend dropshipping research tools

If you’re looking for a dropshipping product research tool that provides a lot of in-depth information, Sell The Trend may be your best bet. Sell The Trend will help you find winning products with The Nexus, a Dropshipping A.I. Algorithm that will show you what’s trending across popular e-commerce stores. Other features include Amazon Trend Explorer, Facebook Ad Explorer, Dropship Product Explorer, and more.

How much does Sell The Trend cost?

There is a 7 day free trial and then it will cost you $39/month. If you opt for their annual plan, you will get two months free.


d-nicheur dropshipping research tools

Sometimes the biggest advantage when using a dropshipping product finder is having the option to view them on multiple platforms, and the robust features and user-friendly interface make Niche Scraper the perfect tool to get started with dropshipping product research.


Intelligynce product research tools

You can then export the data into a convenient sheet containing all the information you could need in 33 data columns. You can even see the most recent 14 days of sales for any product, providing you with a clear picture of which products are selling right now.

How much does Intelligynce cost?

Intelligynce is one of the more affordable paid options for dropshipping product research at $39/month, $79/year, or just $99 for a lifetime subscription.


pexda product research tools

Pexda adds handpicked winning products on a daily basis so you can easily find new products daily. It allows you to perform data-driven product research, discover hot products before they go viral, get inspiration for Facebook ads that perform well, and more.

How much does Pexda cost?

If you want to try Pexda before you commit, you can pay $1.95 for a 14 day trial. After that, there are a variety of plans available ranging from $30/month to $200/month, depending on your specific needs.

Wish Inspector


Wish Inspector is a powerful product research tool for dropshipping that showcases the best-selling and most promising products on It provides a ton of relevant information and makes it easy to discover which products show the most promise at the moment.

And one of the best parts about it is that you can quickly import reviews straight from using the review export feature that’s built into the tool. Social proof is essential when selling online, and this can help instantly add credibility and real user experiences to each new product you add.

How much does Wish Inspector cost?

Wish Inspector can be bought for a one-time payment of $77 if you’re buying for personal use. There is a one-time charge of $87 if you’re buying for up to 10 computers and want developer rights.


salehoo dropshipping research tools

SaleHoo is one of the biggest and most popular dropshipping product research tools on the market, providing you with a broad selection of dropshippers and trending products to choose from.

You can quickly find profitable and in-demand products, find reputable and low-cost suppliers, and reach out to them directly, all on a single, convenient platform.

How much does SaleHoo cost?

SaleHoo Basic costs $27 per month. The Premium plan is $97 per month but gives you more user accounts, more dropship store automation options, unlimited products, and a dedicated onboarding account manager.


allfactor product research tools

Stay on top of trends and deep drive into competitor analytics with Allfactor. This one isn’t only for dropshipping, but it allows you to look at e-commerce data from many stores such as Shopify, Amazon, Etsy, and more so that you can see best selling products and replicate their success in your own dropshipping store.

shopify free trial

How much does Allfactor cost?

Allfactor has a free plan with limited data access or you can upgrade to unlimited access and many more features for $19/month.

FAQ about Dropshipping Product Research

How do you research dropshipping products?

There are tons of dropshipping product research tools out there that will help you find winning products in a variety of ways. We have outlined 14 of our top recommendations above.

How many products should I start with, in a dropshipping store?

The dropshipping industry is growing quickly, and it’s possible to find success with a small number of products. In fact, it’s better to start with a handful of quality, top-selling products than to fill your online store with hundreds of random products when you’re just starting out.

Do I need to pick a niche for dropshipping?

Picking a niche is vital for a successful dropshipping store. You may think covering all categories and product types increases your chances of making sales, but really niching down and creating a store that resonates within a certain niche will increase your chances of success.

To pick a niche, think of something that you know a lot about already, or something that you’re interested in learning about.

In Conclusion

Starting a dropshipping store can be a profitable endeavor, but dropshipping requires a lot of research and due diligence to find products that will actually sell. Hopefully, the dropshipping product research tools we’ve shared with you above are helpful in your search for winning products!

If you’re not sure yet on where or how to start your dropshipping store. Take a look at our Ultimate Guide To Dropshipping in 2021.

Also, below are some of our most recommended articles to help you with your dropshipping journey.

So there you have it, those are our top pics for the best dropshipping product research tools to help you find winning products for your dropshipping store.

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